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We are amongst the top leading company in the industry, offering world-class array of 4K/UHD/LED TV Screen Protector that are acclaimed among the clients for seamless strength and dimensional accuracy.

Why Screen Safe TV Screen Protector Only?

  • Virtually Un-breakable.
  • Secure your 4K/UHD/LED TV from children.
  • Protect your TV from Accidental Damage.
  • Reduces UV radiation from your TV.
  • Specialised bumpers to protect TV panel & maintaining proper ventilation to the screen.
  • Protects your TV on a stand or mounted on the wall.
  • The crystal clear TV-Protector transmits over 98% of the light allowing vibrant display of colors of any High Definition picture.
  • Secure 4K/UHD/LED TV from fingerprints.
  • Protects 4K/UHD/LED TV from dangerous flying objects.
  • Stop worrying and start enjoying.

Frequently asked questions

You simply hang the TV screen protector on the top of the TV frame (bezel). The Velcro Security strap prevents the screen protector from being accidentally removed from the TV. Just connect the strap to the ScreenSafe opening and snap it tight around the TV base or TV Wall mount. Silicone bumpers are optional and can be attached to the front of the TV bezel. After installation the re-closeable fasteners allow easy snap on/of detachment for cleaning.

It supports all the brands of 4K/UHD/LED TV.

The crystal clear Screensafe Tv Screen Protector transmits over 98% of the light allowing for vibrant display of colors of any High Definition picture.

No its not heavy, light weight and compatible for wall mounted/desk mounted TV.

Families with children, Pet owners, Gamers, Institutions – Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Police departments and a variety of other institutions.

With soft damp cloth or cleaning wipes. DO NOT use any windows cleaners. Those can potentially damage the TV screen protector.

No remote/ball can break Screensafe TV screen protector. A thrown remote/ball will bounce off the TV screen protector. Your TV will remain intact.

We recommend that you measure the screen diagonal. Measure the screen (without the frame) not the TV and refer to the product description.

For many customers removing the screen protector happens years after installation. There is virtually no restriction for the number of times you remove the protector, since the reclosable fasteners can be detached (snapped on/off) thousands of times without wear. Hence they have a longer useful life than the TV itself.

Yes, ScreenSafe is compatible for LED TV with slim bezel.

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